Put a Ring On It!

The Reality Behind the Female Condom:

The Female Condom (also called the Reality Condom, Bottom Condom, or Insertive Condom) is a condom that can be inserted into the vagina or the anus.  It’s made out of a non-latex rubber (either polyurethane or nitrile) and is safe to use if you have a latex allergy.



How to use the Insertive Condom:

1.) Check the expiration date.  Open the condom by tearing it at the top right corner.

2a.) For vaginal sex:  make sure the inner ring is at the bottom of the pouch, squeeze the flexible inner ring between your thumb and finger so that the ring becomes long and narrow, and use your finger to insert it into your vagina.  It may be easier to insert it if you squat or put one leg up.  Push it up as far as it will go while keeping the outer ring on the outside of the vagina.  The inner ring will fit behind the pubic bone and over the cervix.  The outer ring should lie over the lips of the vagina.



2b.) For anal sex: make sure the inner ring is at the bottom of the pouch, squeeze the flexible inner ring between your thumb and finger so that the ring becomes long and narrow.  Gently insert the inner ring into your anus.  Use your index finger inside the condom to push the ring past the sphincter muscle.   You can also remove the internal ring (some people find that more comfortable) and either use your partner’s erect penis, your fingers, or a sex toy (such as a dildo) to insert it.  After it’s inserted make sure the outer ring is outside of and covering the anal opening.






3.) After the condom is in place, make sure it’s not twisted by feeling the inside of the condom.  Add more lube to the penis and the  inside of the condom and then guide your partner’s penis into the condom.   Make sure that your partner’s penis is inside the condom and not on the outside of it.

4.) To remove the condom twist the outer ring and gently pull out.  Wrap the condom in the package or a tissue and throw it away (don’t flush it).

Condom Comparison Fun Facts:
Male Condom Insertive/Female/Reality Condom
Rolled on the penis Inserted into the vagina or anus
Most kinds made out of latex (lamb skin does not protect against HIV) Made from synthetic rubber
Penis needs to be erect Can be put in up to 8 hours before sex (not dependent on erection)
Covers most of the penis and protects internal genitalia Covers both internal and part of the external genitalia, and the base of the penis (offering broader protection).
Important: the Female and Male condom should not be used at the same time.

Have more questions about condoms?  Call the Oregon HIV/STD Hotline at 800.777.2437 or chat with us online at www.oregonaidshotline.com


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